Royal Philips Electronics has acquired the Somnolyzer 24×7 automated scoring solutions business of the Siesta Group in Vienna.

This FDA-cleared solution features clinically validated automated-scoring technology and is designed to increase productivity of sleep centers. “From PSG recordings it derives a hypnogram and all related events according to current published standards, including the new AASM sleep scoring manual (Iber et al, 2007),” according to information on the Siesta Group Web site. “Somnolyzer 24×7 with its computer supported solution has been proven to perform as well as any human scorer without any systematic mistakes that would have an influence on subsequent diagnosis,” the site claims.

“With increasing demand for sleep disorder tests, sleep centers, physicians, and technicians need tools and services that offer improved scoring consistency and efficiency, enabling them to focus on those parts of the sleep study and other activities that require their professional expertise,“ said Don Spence, CEO of Philips Home Healthcare Solutions. “The Somnolyzer 24×7 solution is a strategically valuable addition to Philips’ sleep diagnostic portfolio which will enable us to offer improved sleep lab productivity and further drive growth of sleep diagnostics for our customers and our business.”
The acquired business will become part of the sleep diagnostics business within Philips Home Healthcare Solutions. The research and clinical trial services business, which are not part of the acquisition, will be retained and continue under the Siesta Group based in Vienna.

Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.