Sleep Review‘s webinar “Get Reliable HST Results the First Time” is now available for on-demand viewing.

Get Reliable HST Results the First Time from Allied 360 on Vimeo.

When incorporating home sleep testing (HST) into your workflow, you want to make sure the HST data is usable, the patient has a seamless overnight experience at home, and the device returns in good condition for the next patient.

In the 1 hour and 15 minute free webinar, Sleep Review’s editor and three experts addresses these timely concerns and offer real-world solutions that you can implement today. The on-demand version includes a recording of the live Q&A segment.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Must-include information to impart to the patient before they use the device
  • Solutions to common device error messages/alarms
  • How to get the HST device back on time



Andrea Ramberg, RPSGT
Sleep Services Coordinator
Centegra Health System, McHenry/Woodstock/Huntley, IL

Andrea Ramberg, RSPGT, was introduced to the sleep world by shadowing a friend who worked in a sleep center and has had a passion for sleep ever since. She began on-the-job training while completing the modules of the AASM A-STEP program and received her RPSGT in May of 2010. In 2015, Ramberg was one of two recipients of the AAST Rose Ann Zumstein Memorial Scholarship to attend the AAST Fall Course, which shows her commitment to continuing education. She is the sleep services coordinator at Centegra Health System. She holds an Associates in Science and is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Columbia College.


Alyssa Cairns, PhD
Research Scientist
SleepMed Inc, Columbia, SC

Alyssa Cairns, PhD, received her doctorate in psychology from The University of Southern Mississippi and completed a postdoctoral research fellowship at Brown Medical School. She is currently a full-time research scientist at SleepMed. She has authored/coauthored peer-reviewed papers on home sleep testing. Her current research focuses on unraveling the mysteries behind narcolepsy type 2.


Keith Knittle, RRT, RPFT, RPSGT
Respiratory and Sleep Center Manager
VA Medical Center, Portland, OR

Keith Knittle, RRT, RPSGT, RPFT, works at the VA in Portland, Ore, as the manager of the Respiratory Department and the Sleep Center. He has set up, or helped set up, over 25 sleep centers nationwide. Knittle has also helped numerous sleep centers with AASM Accreditation. He is national co-director for Respiratory and Sleep programs in the VA Healthcare System and sits as co-chair of the National VA Professional Standard Board for Respiratory.


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The webinar originally aired on August 25, 2016.