Soda Kuczkowski opened Start With Sleep in Buffalo, an education resource center for sleep, reports Buffalo News.

Q. Talk about your shop. What are the top products and services?

My mini-consultations. They’re $15. People come in and we have a conversation about their sleep challenges. We can decide whether behavior modifications need to be made or if it’s something that needs further evaluation with your primary care physician or a sleep specialist. My top products are magnesium chloride oil ($15), which comes in its purest form. This is among products that are stepping stones that inspire healthier changes. We have a product called Breathe Balm, that works as a natural vapor. I have all of these custom-made, so you can’t get them anywhere else. I have blue blocker glasses ($15) that block the blue light from computers, televisions, tablets before you go to sleep so you feel more relaxed because it’s helping produce melatonin naturally. You can wear them for an hour or two at night. It’s not about making all of these changes at once. You want to take one step at a time.