The key to boosting sleep revenues lies in understanding industry challenges and what other sleep providers are doing to stay successful, reports HME Business.

Robyn Parrott, RRT, President, Sleep Solutions Home Medical, told HME Business magazine that despite not being awarded a bid in the Detroit market, her company’s sleep business has increased over the last year. They have also seen an increase in auto-CPAP orders because the BCBS in Michigan has mandated home sleep testing. Parrott says part of their success has been in not being afraid to say no to bad business.

“Not all business is good business and you must decide if you should take all business,” she says. “Sleep Solutions will not be bidding in Round Two. We feel we have crossed the hurdle without the Medicare business and have decided we don’t want the lower reimbursement with all the audits and headaches that come along with the bid.”

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