When people need to seek urgent medical attention, they are not often in a position where they have the luxury of choosing their physician. With longer term conditions however, it is possible for patients to choose carefully, and reviews from previous patients are one tool potential patients use in determining whose care has been most effective.

Dr Ronald Krueger of Krueger Sleep & Sinus Clinic has a lot of positive online reviews, a feat confirmed by the fact that he recently won the “Patients’ Choice award” from Vitals.com. The award was created to help patients give back to those doctors who had changed their lives with their treatment. The honor is bestowed to physicians on Vitals.com who receive near perfect scores voted for by the patients themselves.

Krueger, who performs a range of procedures including balloon sinuplasty at his clinic in Washington State treats patients suffering from sleep apnea, chronic snoring, and a variety of nasal and sinus problems. As both a cosmetic surgeon and a nasal specialist, he has been able to employ cross-discipline methods.

A spokesperson for Krueger Sleep and Sinus Clinic says in a release, “Dr Krueger is thrilled that his patients have not only been thrilled with the quality of the care they received, but passionate enough to tell others about it on a valued forum like Vitals.com. The work Dr Krueger does is solely focused on providing the best results within the best care experience. Dr Krueger understands the importance of confidence and calm for patients undergoing serious treatment, and instills both these values from the first meeting. We thank all those who reviewed Dr Krueger on Vitals.com, and look forward to welcoming new patients as a result of their recommendations.”