Pro-Tech Services, a major sleep device manufacturer, will implement  “Road to Accreditation,” a campaign to help sleep labs adjust to the AASM’s new guidelines.
The campaign offers education in airflow pressure and respiratory inductance
plethysmography (RIP), and provides a comprehensive product list to help
sleep labs navigate through, and purchase, the required sensor technologies.
Pro-Tech is offering two free primers written by clinical sleep
professionals. The primers address airflow pressure and RIP.
Pro-Tech also has a comprehensive product list to assist sleep labs in
“Sensor Navigation.” The list explains the AASM guideline and matches it to
the Pro-Tech sensor – zRIP™ effort sensor, PTAF™ 2 Pressure Transducer,
Thermal Airflow, and Pro-Flow Cannulas.
To receive either primer, call 1-800-919-3900, or download a copy from