Nearly 11,000 DMEPOS providers had their Medicare numbers revoked as a result of new accreditation and surety bond requirements, reports HomeCare Magazine. In addition to those who were revoked by CMS, more than 3,000 more providers voluntarily terminated their numbers. 

“As of Dec. 15, about 3,400 voluntarily terminated their numbers, another 1,200 deactivated their numbers … and about 11,000 were revoked," a CMS spokesman told HomeCare Magazine. Because some providers are in the accreditation queue and others are appealing, the number may change, the spokesman noted.

An October 1, 2009, deadline required DMEPOS providers to be accredited—although some pharmacies received an extension until December 31—and to have $50,000-per-location surety bonds in place by October 2 or forfeit their right to bill Medicare.

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