Asked of the Experts:

Providers interested in selecting an accreditation organization (AO) may have a sea of questions regarding the accreditation process. To help navigate these proverbial waters, and get started on the right course for a successful journey, the industry’s leading AOs share the most commonly asked questions from inquisitive providers. The answers, of course, depend on whom you ask…

  • How much does it cost to be accredited?
  • How is the payment plan structured?
  • What happens if our facility’s needs change after being accredited?
  • Are there any special attributes I should submit with my application?
  • What’s the typical timeline for gaining accreditation?
  • Can you help me prepare for the inspection, or am I on my own?
  • What is the value of being accredited?
  • What educational and/or resource support services do you offer along with accreditation?
  • Where can I obtain an affordable policy and procedure manual?
  • How do I prepare for an inspection?  

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