Accreditation University (AU), a division of Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), has launched its official website on January 11, 2016, in an effort to bring the best possible experience to AU customers. The new website,, offers customers a designated place to view, research, and purchase AU products to prepare for ACHC Accreditation. AU offers a diverse suite of products and services, including the ACHC Accreditation Guide to Success workbook, accreditation workshops, and varied options for accessing consulting services.

“We want to offer customers the best and easiest way to access the products they need to become accredited,” says Greg Stowell, accreditation and consulting manager for AU, in a release. “Our new website showcases all of the AU products available to customers, validating AU as the most comprehensive information resource on becoming ACHC accredited.”

As a nationally recognized accreditation organization, ACHC places great value on continuing education as a best practice for achieving and maintaining accreditation. The recent formalization of AU as a division of ACHC focuses resources within the organization to provide a full range of educational offerings that meet the individual needs of providers. As such, regularly scheduled workshops are held throughout the year to educate providers on ACHC Accreditation compliance requirements.

Accreditation University is a division of ACHC, a not-for-profit accreditation organization.