A Canadian man twice convicted of sexually assaulting a woman at a house party is seeking bail to launch his fourth appeal, according to local news reports.

Bekah D’Aoust said she learned of the man’s latest appeal attempt on Wednesday afternoon when she received a phone call and subsequent email from the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General’s Victim/Witness Assistance Program. In the email, which she provided to this newspaper, she was told that Hartman’s bail hearing is scheduled for Monday at the Ontario Court of Appeal.

“There was a moment today where I felt, ‘It doesn’t matter what I say or what I do, I’m losing this battle.’ But I turned it around in my head and thought ‘No, this just gives me more opportunity to speak out and talk about this issue, and, luckily, people are listening to me.

“Getting the news today upset me more, knowing that these other alleged victims that are going through the same things that I’ve gone through — all the court proceedings — this affects them, too. I’m not alone in this anymore.”

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