In recent weeks, members of the Home Medical Equipment and Services Association of New England (HOMES) have been meeting with Congressmen representing the New England states to discuss a range of issues associated with new Medicare guidelines.

Among those at a recent meeting were industry owners and managers (left to right): Michael McDonald, Clinical 1 Home Medical; Eric Cohen, National Sleep Therapy; Karyn Estrella, HOMES executive director; Bob Simmons, Boston Home Infusion; Rep Mike Capuano (D-MA); Jason Morin, Home Care Specialists; and Wayne Dolloff, Collins Surgical.

The legislative sessions gave an opportunity for industry leaders to explain to elected officials their primary mission—to preserve patient access to quality medical care and describe the problems with Medicare DME competitive bidding and audits that could divert their mission. Durable medical equipment company owners and managers are using face-to-face sessions to emphasize how new Medicare policies are affecting patients’ access to medically necessary equipment and services, and how the business of servicing Medicare patients is becoming unsustainable, HOMES stated in a release.

Estrella noted that “Rep Capuano was favorable to our concerns about Medicare audits and the breakdown of the appeals process.” Asked if he would sign HR 4920, he said it’s a “no brainer.” HOMES participants thanked elected officials and fellow members who attended the meetings.