The Assistance Fund, an independent charitable patient assistance organization that helps patients and families facing high medical out-of-pocket costs, launched a new financial assistance program for people living with idiopathic hypersomnia. 

The program is designed to help eligible individuals pay for their out-of-pocket medical expenses related to idiopathic hypersomnia, such as copays, health insurance premiums, and incidental medical expenses.

For those with idiopathic hypersomnia, tiredness may begin at any time during the day and can severely disrupt normal activity. Many people living with the condition sleep more than 11 hours a day and still do not feel rested.

“Most people living with idiopathic hypersomnia require treatment to perform the most basic, everyday tasks,” says Danielle Vizcaino, president and CEO at The Assistance Fund, in a release. “Thanks to our generous donors, [The Assistance Fund’s] new idiopathic hypersomnia financial assistance program will enable people living with this condition to lead healthier and more productive lives.”

To learn more or determine eligibility for financial support, visit or call 855-369-2728 to speak with a patient advocate.

The Assistance Fund currently manages nearly 90 disease programs, each of which covers all US Food and Drug Administration-approved medications that treat a specific disease named in the disease program. Since its founding in 2009, The Assitance Fund has helped nearly 180,000 children and adults access the treatment they need to stay healthy or manage a life-threatening, chronic, or rare disease. 

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