In Youngstown, Ohio, police officers are now trained to recognize when infants are in unsafe sleeping arrangements, reports The Vindicator. 

Weigel said Ohio averages three infant deaths each week because they are in a dangerous situation, such as not having a proper crib to sleep in.

Weigel said police officers are a perfect fit for the program to refer people because they often are in homes unexpectedly, and they can observe more natural situations.

City firefighters received the training last week.

“First responders have eyes we’ll never have,” Weigel said.

The police department’s staff inspector Lt. Brian Butler stressed that when officers give the cards to a family, they are only referring the family for help.

Weigel said the program’s only goal is to ensure all infants have a safe place to sleep. “There are absolutely no judgments or repercussions,” Weigel said.