The New Haven Register reports that staff at Yale-New Haven Hospital are implementing innovations to improve nighttime sleep among patients.

Dr. Michael Bennick, who has the title “medical director of the patient experience” at Yale-New Haven, said an internal group, including Dr. Margaret Pisani, attending physician in the intensive-care unit, have worked to make staff “recognize that Yale-New Haven Hospital was more than a place of employment. It was a place where our patients came to be healed.”

He said it’s important to remember that “the Latin root of the word ‘patient’ is ‘I am suffering.’”

The measures, including avoiding taking vital signs, taking blood for lab work or scheduling medication doses after 11 p.m., have worked to a great degree, Bennick said.

“If you order [labs] every four hours without thinking, that patient is going to be wakened up,” he said.

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