As residents near wind turbines are blaming the turbines for ailments including insomnia, at least some courts have sided with wind energy developers, reports Climate Central.

But try telling that to the 19 Lake Winds Energy Park neighbors in Michigan’s Mason County who are suing over what they say are reduced properties’ values and pain and suffering. Headaches, ringing in the ears, dizziness, stress, “extreme fatigue,” nausea, and a “diminished ability to concentrate” are among the ailments they claim to be suffering because of the constant gyrations of the 56 turbines. Their attorney, Craig Horn, who worked on a similar case in the past, is largely focused on complaints of sleeplesness and headaches.

“The further you get away from sleep disturbance and headaches, the more difficult it is to find sound science to back those up,” Horn said. “I’ve had now 40 indivduals that I’ve represented, and their lives are markedly different than they were pre-wind farm. It’s not like they’re suffering from cancer or anything — they’re not going to die from it. It primarily can be tied back to sleep disturbance, and they have a greater incidence of headaches.”