When is a child old enough for a pillow, and what kind of pillow should they be given? Romper investigates:

According to pediatric sleep expert, Judith Owens, it’s best to hold off on introducing a pillow until your child moves from a crib to a toddler bed. But if you decide to give him one earlier, you should stick with one that is small and firm. Pillows stuffed with feathers, Owens mentioned, can cause allergic reactions or even smother your child in his sleep.  The folks at the Consumer Products Safety Commission agree. As they mentioned, a pillow can block a baby’s airways and cause suffocation.

If you are looking for a more age-appropriate pillow, The Baby Sleep Site pointed out that there are several toddler pillows on the market that are smaller and flatter than the adult version, and are designed to keep kids safe during the night.

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