What exactly is this “clean sleeping” fad? The Huffington Post looks into it.

In her latest book, Goop Clean Beauty, Paltrow raves about clean sleeping, often referring to it as the biggest health trend of 2017. In a nutshell, the concept involves making sleep a priority above anything else, including diet and fitness. And, according to the actress, it plays a crucial role in “determining your appetite and energy levels.”

It’s not her worst idea. The concept of prioritizing sleep certainly sits a lot better with professionals than many of the suggestions that have stemmed from Paltrow’s often-criticized lifestyle brand. In the past, Goop has recommended vaginal steaming to balance female hormones, sleeping with a $66 jade egg inside your vagina as a means of boosting feminine energy, and adding a teaspoon of Sex Dust (a blend of “superherbs that help combat the effects of stress”) to your morning smoothie.

Clean sleeping, experts say, is a quality habit to try to attain.

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