Singer Robbie Williams says he has Nocturnal Sleep-Related Eating Disorder, bringing public attention to the rare condition. The Telegraph has an explainer:

The disorder was first reported in 1955. Doctors were bamboozled originally, though nowadays the disorder is treated with anti-convulsants, which are used to treat various disorders associated with the mind, and sometimes opiates like codeine.

If the NS-RED is induced by other medication, like the sedative Zolpidem (this is rare), then temazepam has proved to be successful.

Without medicine, the disorder can be controlled by managing stress and anxiety more effectively. Therapy, meditation, and removing alcohol and caffeine from your daily diet can all help.

So Williams deserves some slack. The singer, who took flak during his Take That days for his expanding waistline, now abides by a strict diet to keep him in shape. Previously, he has spoken about refusing sweet treats – when awake – on his birthday and at Christmas.