Researchers at Rush University are testing light therapy to reset a person’s circadian rhythm, promote sleep, and reduce pain, according to ABC 30.

John Burns, PhD, Professor at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago told Ivanhoe, “We live on a planet that thas a 24 hour day. So, because of that, plants, animals, fish, lizards, everybody has some sort of circadian rhythm tied to that 24 hour clock.”

Your body clock, officially known as your circadian rhythm, helps control the release of melatonin, essential for a good night’s rest. Researcher John Burns says when your body is out of sync, “What accompanies that is sleep disorder, sleep problems and mood problems. And we also think increases in pain sensitivity.”

Now, researchers at Rush University are testing a drug free alternative to treatment, light therapy.

After they wake up, participants like Lisa sit in front of a UV-free light box for an hour to help reset their body’s clock.

Smith said, “It just feels like a bright day.” And it works.

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