A Forbes contributor writes about getting enough sleep while traveling with kids.

Get on local time as soon as possible

This seems like common advice, but I can’t stress enough how important it is to ditch the time zone of your home departure, especially when traveling with children. It can be so tempting, especially after a red-eye, to check into your hotel and crash so everyone gets caught up on sleep. But the reality of this is the excitement is far too great for little ones to indulge in a nap when there’s a brand new city to explore.

Take a midday refresh

Unless a plan takes us a long distance from our “headquarters” we generally try to come back to our home base after lunch even if just to have a moment to relax, refresh, take our shoes off for a minute and be stroller free. Often times we think of “sleep” in terms of shutting our eyes and drifting off, but it’s also beneficial to simply slow down in a quiet place.

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