In a recent survey administered by Mattress Advisor, all personality types alike were asked questions about their sleep routines, according to Bustle.

Though there’s a general time frame that’s widely considered “bedtime” for adults, we all have completely different sleep preferences because we all have completely different personalities. And, two are more linked than you might think: If you’ve participated in a Myers-Briggs personality classification test, you know that people’s range of preferences and predilections is much more complex and multifaceted than a simple “night owl” or “morning person” labeling.

In fact, the best way to tell what time you should go to bed is to look at your personality type. Yes, really: you should decide the time you go to sleep based on your Myers-Briggs type. That way, you know that you’re doing what’s right for the person you really are, not just the schedule you’re used to.