From a unique bubble bath to coloring and eating a tuna sandwich, a Daily Mail report investigates the interesting ways to try and combat insomnia.

It is estimated that one third of people experience bouts of insomnia, with one in 20 taking sleeping pills at some point.

Poor sleep results in fatigue, poor concentration and irritability the following day – and heart problems in the longer term.

We’ve all heard of counting sheep and sniffing lavender, but if the classic methods aren’t working for you, FEMAIL asked the sleep experts to share the weird and wonderful tricks they use themselves to nod off.

Sleep naked: As simple as it sounds, it has been proven that if you’re cool in bed you will fall asleep faster.

Get curling your toes: Curl your toes slowly and then stretch them out. Repeat this process and it helps the muscles to relax.

Trick yourself: Challenge your sleep master to trick it into falling asleep, advises Susan Hepburn of 136 Harley Street London. Say to yourself: ‘OK I am going to stay awake as long as possible as I want to think whilst I have some peaceful time and whilst phones aren’t ringing and there is no one around to disturb me’. The eyes become very heavy fairly quickly and you fall asleep.

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