Sleep technology is in the early stages of consumer adoption, but with all the options and benefits it provides, it is sure to become the norm instead of the exception in the next few years, reports Forbes.

As with most trending areas in technology, startups are taking on the big guys in the sleep technology space. Casper, an e-commerce company, is selling an innovative foam mattress, and recently raised $55 million in a funding round. All it takes is a few clicks online and, a few days later, the mattress shows up on your doorstep in a surprisingly small box. Another company, Helix Sleep, provides a similar offering, but its product, unlike Casper’s, is customizable. Customers fill out a questionnaire to help them create a mattress customized for their sleeping needs and preferences; they can choose among firmness, cooling and different customization options on each side of the mattress. Meanwhile, established mattress retailer Sleep Number has created a smart bed aptly called the “it bed.” With built-in biometric sensors, the bed quantifies your sleep, provides insights and makes suggestions for improving your slumber through its accompanying app.