A new smart table with circadian light technology named MONAI automatically adjusts lights to help improve sleep, reports PSFK.

Anyone that works in an office exposes themselves to a good amount of artificial light throughout the day. The team behind MONAI–a smart table with circadian light technology—wants to reverse some of the damage that staring at a computer all day underneath overhead lights can create on the mind.

Users set a time zone and MONAI adjusts its light source accordingly for an ideal circadian effect. The use of technological devices and artificial room lighting can affect melatonin production. The MONAI team hopes that the smart table can counteract some of these effects.

The team behind MONAI explains more about the inspiration behind the table on its Indiegogo page:

“All people naturally experience different levels of sleepiness and alertness throughout the day. A group of cells in the morning send signals to our body to produce hormones which are associated with sleep. If the light is bright and blueish, the steroid hormone cortisol is secreted, and we are more productive. But in the evening we need different light, because at that time melatonin levels rise and stay elevated throughout the night, promoting sleep.”

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