Sleeping pods are branching out from workplaces and universities; one inventor has come up with a way to create stackable pods to utilize at places like music festivals and possibly for post-disaster housing, Fast Company reports.

If you don’t book a room in advance, finding a place to sleep at popular, multi-day music festivals can be pretty tricky. Camping takes preparation, and the planning-averse leave it until the last minute. Failing that, there’s always the option to rely on the kindness of strangers, but if that doesn’t work out, the rootless festival-goer might just end up passing out among crushed beer cans in a field.

Social work coordinator and inventor Barbara Vanthorre first considered this problem when she attended Gentse Feesten, a 10-day music festival in Ghent, Belgium, as a university student. How might someone create temporary sleeping spaces that were cheap, didn’t take up much space, and easily deconstructed? When a bee accidentally flew into Vanthorre’s drink at Gentse Feesten, she had the answer: A honeycomb structure of stackable sleeping pods.