The podcast Sleep With Me by Drew Ackerman offers strange bedtime stories to help listeners with insomnia sleep, as reported by The Globe and Mail.

Sleep With Me has a five-star rating on iTunes, based on 849 customer reviews. It typically ranks in the top 50 most-popular podcasts (beating out Real Time with Bill Maher and The Economist Radio podcasts).

In an iTunes review, listener Adriane Kuzminski of Hartford, Conn., described Ackerman’s show as a sleep aid that mimics how our minds work in slumber: “Each episode is unfettered and absurd, similar to when forgotten events and memories pop in our dreams with no particular logic.”

But Drew Ackerman’s bizarre bedtime stories aren’t as off the cuff as they sound. Ackerman, 41, says it takes him 40 to 50 hours to produce three hour-long podcasts each week. Since November, 2013, he has churned out more than 330 episodes of Sleep With Me, in addition to its companion podcasts Game of Drones (dull recaps of the hit TV show) and Sleep to Strange (a series of progressively mundane yarns). By day, he works full-time as a librarian in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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