The journal Neural Plasticity has issued a call for manuscripts that explore the relationship of sleep, exercise, disease, and/or inflammation with brain plasticity.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Sleep and sleep loss induced changes in mood and cognition
  • Role of enhanced waking activity/sleep deprivation in modulating inflammation
  • Inflammation-related molecules and mechanisms that modulate sleep and electroencephalogram power
  • Effects of exercise/physical activity on brain plasticity
  • Exercise/physical activity effects on inflammatory- or brain plasticity-related molecules
  • Inflammatory molecules/mechanism modulating brain plasticity or cognition
  • Behavior-related changes in cerebral blood flow and/or the fMRI signal
  • Cerebral blood flow changes affecting brain plasticity
  • Latest technologies for clinical evaluation of inflammatory mediators in brain plasticity
  • Role of inflammatory-related diseases affecting brain plasticity

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