A Saint Joseph University sleep expert recommends that no matter what date the calendar indicates, parents need to keep their children’s sleep bedtime hour consistent.

“As much as possible, be sure to stick to your child’s usual sleep schedule  — ­both bedtime and nap times,” says Mindell. “Of course, there will be exceptions, such as for family holiday gatherings, but try not to make the exception more than one or two nights in a row. If there are too many days of being off schedule, you can expect meltdowns.”

The holidays are a special time, and children can get so wound up that they have trouble sleeping. Mindell emphasizes that it is important not to let kids’ high energy interfere with their rest.

“Skimping on the bedtime routine or doing your routine some place else, such as reading stories in front of the fireplace, will often backfire. It’s much more exciting than calming,” Mindell says.