CBS reports on a sleep therapy that encourages people to get out of bed. 

It’s called restrictive sleep therapy.

“Once you’re tossing and turning for 30 minutes, get out of bed, and don’t go back into bed until you’re tired again,” said Dr. Matthew Lorber, a sleep expert.

“The concept of just laying there and resting in bed felt better than going and doing something else, so I was very reluctant at first,” said Grant.

However, Grant liked the idea of a drug-free therapy, even as the doctor prepared for the discipline the process required.

“When I suggest to someone that if you’re up to 3 to 3:30 in the morning get out of bed, get out of your bedroom, they look at me like I’m crazy at first, but, intuitively, it does make sense,” said Lorber.

“Admittedly, the first few nights of this are going to be terrible,” said Dr. Steven Feinsilver of Sleep Center Lenox Hill.