The GB Times reports that 46.58% of the Chinese middle class now suffer from insomnia.

The Chinese middle class, now estimated at more than half a billion, has become a key driver for the country’s economy. However 46.58% of them now suffer from insomnia, which puts their health at risk.

That is according to a white paper on sleep quality of the Chinese middle class. The white paper was released just ahead of the World Sleep Day, which fell on March 18 this year.

This year’s Sleep Day is marked in China, with a theme titled “Good Sleep, Fly High and Dream Big”.

Dr Han Fang is the chairman of the Chinese Sleep Research Society. He explains why China has such a theme to celebrate World Sleep Day:

“The theme of World Sleep Day this year is ‘Good sleep is a reachable dream’, which means good sleep is something that can be achieved through medical care and intervention. Nowadays we often talk about the Chinese dream, targeting the goal of the “great renewal of the Chinese nation”, thus we give an adapted interpretation to suit Chinese conditions, which is “Good sleep is an inevitable part in flying high and dreaming big”.

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