As part of a pilot program in response to a fatal train derailment, Metro-North has referred 84 locomotive engineers for sleep apnea testing, according to Lohud.

Earlier this year, the railroad’s Occupational Health Services department gave physical exams and a survey to 320 of its 406 engineers. Based on that screening, 84 will be referred to a sleep disorder specialist for further evaluation, officials said.

“(It’s) a much lower percentage than we originally anticipated,” Metro-North’s chief safety officer, Anne Kirsch said during a Metro-North committee meeting this week. “We expect results within the next few months.”

Those referred will be given training and equipment to use for an at-home overnight sleep test, including a prepaid mailer the engineer uses to send in the materials for evaluation.

The program is expected to eventually be expanded to Long Island Rail Road and New York City Transit.

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