According to The Visitor, an English festival called ‘After Dark’ will explore and celebrate sleep.

A week-long festival being staged in Lancaster this month will awaken the senses to the world of ‘After Dark’ with a series of intriguing and unusual events.

The first-ever ‘After Dark’ festival examines and celebrates aspects of sleep and sleeplessness with a series of (mostly) free public events.

Organized by Lancaster University’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the festival starts on November 14 and includes public talks, a mini-film season, workshops and a walk through the night-time streets of Lancaster.

Lancaster University’s Dr Michael Greaney said: “Lancaster will play host to the UK’s first ever festival of sleep.

“After Dark is a series of talks, creative writing sessions, film screenings, drama workshops, plus a unique nocturnal tour of the city, that will showcase the work being done by Lancaster University academics in the field of sleep studies and will open our eyes to the significance of this universal and mysterious part of human experience.”

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