A new exhibit at the Pelham Art Center in New York features work by artists that were created during bouts of insomnia, reports Lohud.

A new exhibit at the Pelham Art Center celebrates 12 painters who created their work in the wee hours of the morning. “Insomnia” opened Friday and runs through Mar. 26.

“We’re just artists that have insomnia,” says curator Alexi Rutsch-Brock. She got the idea for the show after a restless night where her social media browsing led her to a space where other artists were also awake and online.

“A lot of people were up and having conversations,” she says. “So I started having these virtual friendships.”

The work is notably different from what one might expect: the paintings are done on a smaller scale, like a single piece of paper and by artists who aren’t in the studio mindset: more loose, gestural and relaxed.

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