A sleep apnea patient blogs on WorkersCompensation.com about his difficulty in getting a second CPAP just for travel because it requires a prescription, which he’s having trouble getting because his diagnosis records from 12 years ago aren’t available.

I ordered last week a “travel CPAP”; a machine about a quarter of the size of the one I have been using. After I placed the order with an online company, they notified me that they require a prescription for the machine to be on file before they could fulfill the order. I have a prescription for CPAP supplies on file with them, but apparently being able to buy the supplies is different than buying the machine that uses them. According to the FDA, CPAP devices are considered Class II medical devices and require prescription by law.

The issue is that my sleep specialist, who I have not seen in over 12 years, changed practices a decade ago, and records no longer exist with the practice where I was diagnosed. Without those records no prescription will be forthcoming. I frankly don’t know what my options are with them. I suppose I could set up an appointment, go through another two night sleep study, spend a couple hundred in co-pays and have my insurance billed God knows what for the effort, all to get a piece of paper confirming something we already know I have.

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