A Rochester Homepage report says infant deaths due to unsafe sleep practices are on the rise in Monroe County in New York.

Monroe County was on the verge of reaching a milestone. In 2014, there was only one infant death related to unsafe sleep practices. On average, there are ten; the goal is zero.

In 2015 however, experts are saying that number has spiked with six infant deaths already.

“This is happening to families in the suburbs, this is happening to families in the city; they are healthy families and they are responsible parents,” explains Dr. Elizabeth Murray, pediatrician and a member of the Baby Safe Sleep Coalition.

Falling asleep next to infants, putting them on their stomachs for bed or surrounding them with blankets to keep them warm; all this can be done with good intentions but babies are obligate nose breathers. That means they can’t breathe through their months in the few first months of life.

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