From increased alertness to higher productivity, a Petoskey News-Review report details the benefits of naps for adults.

It’s something that most people outgrew as young children, but health experts say taking a nap has benefits even for adults.

While napping is an accepted ritual in some countries — Spain and Italy both embrace the “siesta” or “riposo” during the day — others are just catching on to the idea that taking a rest might actually improve productivity.

“I’ve always been a fan of the whole siesta idea,” said Dr. David Knitter, pulmonary sleep specialist at the Center for Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine in Petoskey. “There is a natural lull that occurs around 1-2 hours after lunch. That typically is when you find people making the run for the cup of coffee.”

When it comes down to a nap versus a cup of coffee, Knitter said research has shown “you actually do get more alertness and productivity from the nap then you do from the cup of coffee.”

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