Set in Vancouver, Canada, but chronicling a very frightening worldwide apocalypse, Nod takes advantage of a fear you maybe didn’t even know you had: the fear that one night, for no reason, your body might forget how to go to sleep, reports Slate.

n Nod, everyone forgets how to go to sleep. Well, nearly everyone: Perhaps 1 in 10,000 human beings manages to sleep at night, while the rest of humanity descends into chaos and madness with terrifying speed. I talked to Barnes about the medical understanding of chronic sleeplessness, the world inside dreams, and how his cancer taught him that insomnia’s actually not the end of the world.

So what happens to someone who gets no sleep at all? What’s the general timeline of degradation?

Well, my own experience indicates that humans get grumpy after two nights. Beyond that, my reading indicates that we become insane and have hallucinations after one week. Scientists are guessing when they suggest that we will die after 30 days. There are no volunteers to find out!

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