The publication House Beautiful describes why people should consider cleaning their mattresses.

We know mattress protectors are key and that sheets should be swapped once a week, but there seems to be a set-it-and-forget-it attitude when it comes to taking care of one of our bedroom’s most expensive investments. The key to making your mattress last longer: air, sunlight, and ensuring even wear-and-tear. We asked the mattress experts how to clean and maintain your mattress for a better night’s sleep all year long.

We might be past the days of plastic quilted toppers, but mattress protectors still need to be washed regularly. The barrier between your mattress and the world does more than save from spills. Protectors block sweat, tears and fluids from reaching your mattress over time.

Looking for better protection against dust, fluid, and, mites? Mattress encasements wrap fully around the mattress like a zippered pillowcase. This protects both sides of the mattress to prevent damage through the underside of the mattress. This is especially important for flippable mattresses. You don’t want debris from the underside of your mattress coming in contact with your body once you’ve flipped your mattress.

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