A Care 2 report examines different acupressure points and provides details on how to execute them in order to relieve insomnia.

If you’re tired of sheep-counting and lying awake due to insomnia, rest assured you can take matters into your own hands in the form of acupressure.

You can easily massage these points on your own hands or body or ask a partner to massage the points on your hands or body, depending on the point locations. These healing points are also called acupoints. When pressed or massaged, these points can induce therapeutic functions that are specific to each point. While there are many excellent points to use for insomnia, here are some of my favorites. Keep in mind that you can do acupressure for insomnia any time of day, not just at nighttime. The points work to restore balance to the body’s energies, not just subdue symptoms. As a result, you might not fall fast asleep after using these points a single time, but if you stick with it over a series of days, you’ll likely see improvements.

Hold each of the points for at least a minute but preferably longer. Avoid using massage oils or lotions when rubbing the points, as these will typically make your skin too slippery to hold the point for any length of time. Most people find that holding the point for at least a few minutes is best.

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