Huffington Post asks: should the president be sleeping more? 

Whether he recreates America’s greatness remains to be seen, but in the meantime, what he seems to be recreating is the chaotic Bill Clinton White House. Of course they’re miles apart politically. But what Trump is recreating is the Clinton working process?—?complete with all of its feverish, frantic, late-night, sleep-deprived chaos.

Let’s go back and look at the Clinton White House. Clinton came in bragging about his style of burning the candle at both ends and that’s exactly the M.O. he imported into the White House with—as we know—disastrous impulse control and decision-making consequences. “Perhaps because his father died before he was born, President Clinton was keenly aware of the fleeting nature of his time in office,” Paul Begala, one of Clinton’s advisors, said. “He seemed to believe that sleep was overrated.”

Whatever the origins, right from the beginning Clinton seemed to treat sleep as a political opponent to be resisted and defeated. In his book Eyewitness to Power, David Gergen, long-time advisor to several presidents, including Clinton, described those early days. “Clinton was still celebrating the victory and loved staying up half the night to laugh and talk with old friends,” Gergen wrote. “The next morning, he would be up at the crack of dawn to hit the beach for an early run or perhaps a game of touch football.”