From Amy Poehler to Madonna, a New York magazine article takes a look at 25 famous women who cope with insomnia and quotes that explain their sleep troubles.

Those who are able to cozy up in bed, shut their eyes, and get whisked away to dreamworld for the recommended seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep reap invaluable benefits — including improved mental and physical health. On the flip side, those well-acquainted with the nightmare of being unable to sleep are plagued with seemingly endless negative consequences — from an increased likelihood of heart failure to higher levels of irritability.

Unfortunately, insomnia is a condition more likely to afflict women than men. In an act of solidarity, we’ve gathered some words from famous lady insomniacs — including Amy Poehler, Jenny Lewis, and Maya Angelou — on the thoughts that keep them up all night, their remedies for conquering sleeplessness, and more.

Amy Poehler

“Sleep and I do not have a good relationship. We have never been good friends. I am constantly chasing sleep and then pushing it away. A good night’s sleep is my white whale. Like Ahab, I am also a total drama queen about it. I love to talk about how little sleep I get. I brag about it, as if it is a true indication of how hard I work. But I truly suffer at night. Bedtime is fraught with fear and disappointment. When it is just me alone with my restless body and mind, I feel like the whole world is asleep and gone. It’s very lonely. I am tired of being tired and talking about how tired I am … I now read articles about how great sleep is and how important it is and I cry because I want it so bad and I am so mad at how great everyone else seems to be at it.” —Yes Please, October 2014

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