Americans spend up to one-third of their lives sleeping, but what really goes on when we shut our eyes? The TODAY show will “unlock the mysteries of sleep” in a special week-long series beginning Monday, November 10, according to a press release. “Snooze or Lose” will take an in-depth look into society’s sleep behaviors and reveal the results of TODAY’s exclusive new sleep survey.

Throughout the week, TODAY anchors will test the latest techniques and tracking devices used to optimize sleep. Sleep experts will join TODAY to report on wide-ranging topics from drowsy driving to the psychological implications of sleep deprivation. TODAY’s sleep survey findings will guide the discussion of the “Snooze or Lose” series. Full results and methodology of TODAY’s nationally representative sleep study will be available on

Viewers are invited to join the conversation on social media and send photos using #SnoozeOrLose. Submitted photos may be featured throughout TODAY’s coverage. As part of the series, will feature quizzes, original essays, and more.