Cheero USA’s latest consumer sleep technology, Sleepion 2, surpassed its Kickstarter campaign funding goal last week, raising $17,230 from 74 backers (its goal was $15,000). Sleepion 2 launched on Kickstarter in sync with its SLEEP 2017 exhibit, where the Sleepion 2 was unveiled last month.

The combination of aromatherapy, calming light, and soothing sounds in Sleepion 2 relax the mind into deeper non-REM sleep states, according to the company. It three senses—sight, hearing, and smell—to allow users to naturally relax and prepare for sleep.

Aroma: Choose from 5 different aromatized rings that insert  into the top of Sleepion 2 (Hinoki, Lavender, Geranium, Lemon Grass, and Forest).

Light: The Sleepion 2 has a 2,500 kelvin watt light bulb that simulates the gentle pulsing of a candle.

Sound: The Sleepion 2 comes preloaded with 34 different songs to promote healthier sleep, relaxation, and concentration throughout the day.