Sinus Cones give nasal allergy sufferers the relief to breathe and sleep. The company says its nasal cones are scientifically proven to maximize nasal inspiratory airflow.

Offering immediate, drug-free relief, Sinus Cones alleviate the sleepless nights that come from ongoing nasal congestion when allergy medications fall short or wear off. Unlike medicinal remedies, Sinus Cones have no side effects and will not cause the drowsiness, wooziness, dry eyes, dry mouth, and headaches that many allergy sufferers experience when using medication, the company says.

“Anyone who struggles to manage their seasonal nasal allergy symptoms knows the anxiety of trying to get the needed congestion relief while simultaneously mitigating the side effects of medication so that it doesn’t interfere with sleep,” says Louise MacDonald, president and CEO of Sanostec Corp, manufacturers of Sinus Cones, in a release. “When a season is predicted to be unusually bad, having a supplemental, drug-free aid that is reliable, immediate, and powerful can be a smarter strategy for nasal allergy congestion management, especially for those frantic for instantaneous relief and restorative sleep.”

Made from a soft medical-grade material that is free from man-made rubber latex (latex-free), acrylic-free, adhesive-free, BPA-free, silicone-free, and hypoallergenic, Sinus Cones work by opening up nasal airways and controlling even stubborn nasal allergy congestion. Available without a prescription, they may be purchased through dental offices, select independent pharmacies, and ordered online at