Vital Signs Inc, manufacturer of sleep disorder treatment products, reported net revue increases of 11.9% for the second quarter of fiscal 2008, with strong growth in sleep/ventilation net revenues.

Sleep/ventilation net revenues increased by 36.9% due to sales growth of the iSleep 20i™ intelligent CPAP, and the Vivo™ 40 bi-level ventilator, in addition to two acquisitions at Sleep Services of America in the second half of the prior year.

Breas, the Company’s Swedish-based manufacturer of sleep and ventilation products, entered into an agreement with Hamilton Medical Inc to distribute the Vivo product line in the U.S. hospital market. Hamilton Medical Inc is the U.S. subsidiary of Hamilton Medical AG, a leader in medical ventilation. The agreement is expected to provide approximately $800,000 in Breas product sales in the U.S. during the balance of fiscal 2008.

"Breas continued to demonstrate exceptional growth in Europe with our iSleep and Vivo product lines,” said Terry Wall, CEO of Vital Signs. While growth in Europe has been strong, he said, “The weak U.S. dollar has made it unattractive to import Breas’ Swedish-manufactured CPAP product line; therefore, we are exploring having our CPAP product line manufactured in China."