Contour Products expands its webinar offerings with its first webinar specifically for respiratory therapists, sleep technicians, and other professionals involved in CPAP therapy. “CPAPMax Strategies for Comfort & Compliance” is a 30-minute interactive training session that demonstrates the ways an advanced CPAP pillow can address the diverse needs of a variety of patients.

“More and more professionals understand the importance of a specialized CPAP pillow, so there’s a need for training on customizing the pillow experience to meet individual needs. People prefer different sleep positions, pillow heights, and pillow materials, and they also have preferences for a cool or warm sleeping environment. The ideal CPAP pillow has to perform flawlessly to minimize mask shifting, air leaks, and facial pressure. The right pillow, used correctly, can promote sleep, posture, comfort, and compliance,” says Becky Simmons, respiratory therapist and one of the leaders of the webinar, in a release.

The webinar includes a demonstration of the Contour CPAPMax pillow, which adjusts to four different heights. It includes live Q&A portions, with additional opportunities for questions via chat. This free webinar is designed for small groups to allow full participation.

For more information or to schedule the webinar, contact Contour Products at (800) 692-6686 or sales[at]