American Sleep Medicine (ASM), an independent sleep disorder treatment company, has embarked on a “continuum of care” strategy to better serve those with sleep difficulties by introducing its American Sleep Products (ASP) division in key markets. The division has been a quick success, growing to over 4,000 patients, the company says.

“Our ASP division gives the company an opportunity to establish a continuum of care model that few others have around the country,” says Jim Evanger, ASM president, in a release. “We can offer the continuum of testing, diagnosing, and treating our patients by using the latest Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) technology available when indicated.”

In addition to CPAP, ASP also provides a “sleep coach” to its patients, which gives the patient their best opportunity for compliance, ASP says.

With 20 facilities across the United States, ASM is capable of treating patients quickly because of its business model that includes many beds per facility. Referring physicians can refer a patient to their local ASM and have the patient seen by a board certified sleep physician and tested within 24 hours, receive a diagnosis of the patient’s disorder, and have them treated all in the same location.