Zzoma is an FDA-cleared medical device designed by physicians at Sleep Specialists, LLC, as a positional therapy for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Zzoma is used in the treatment of OSA across the United States, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, and other countries. Sleep Specialists, LLC received its CE mark for Zzoma in 2011.

“Our vision was to develop a device that was more comfortable for patients than traditional apnea therapies while maintaining high efficacy,” says Sila Yesilsoy, COO of Sleep Specialists, LLC, in a release. “Zzoma’s acceptance worldwide speaks to our vision becoming a reality. We look forward to helping more patients minimize sleep disruption.”

Zzoma is a device worn around the upper torso that keeps patients asleep on their sides by preventing supine or “on-the-back” sleeping. Clinicians may prescribe Zzoma as a first line therapy or as an alternative for patients who cannot tolerate CPAP therapy.

“I have used Zzoma in our hospital clinic over the last year,” says Dr Philip Tonnesen of the Danish Sleep Medicine Center at Glostrup Hospital in Denmark, in a release. “Overall, the device seems to be a good alternative to CPAP in some patients with positional OSA.”

Professor Olli Polo of Unesta Oy in Finland says, “Zzoma physically prevents position change within sleep. Therefore, Zzoma is more gentle but still effective in preventing supine position during sleep.”

Zzoma is available to patients by prescription only in the United States.