Oral appliance maker ProSomnus Sleep Technologies is taking steps to safeguard manufacturing during this period of uncertainty by keeping a short, simple, and controlled supply chain. All ProSomnus devices are manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Pleasanton, Calif, without outsourcing or using offshore or third-party manufacturers.

The company has procured additional safety stock for all critical materials, components, and consumables used in manufacturing to minimize any potential disruptions.

“There are two aspects to our COVID-19 plan: protect our employees and be part of the solution,” says Len Liptak, ProSomnus CEO, in a release. “ProSomnus devices may help people stay healthy by enabling better sleep and mitigating some of the underlying respiratory conditions associated with at-risk populations. We are taking a series of steps to ensure that we can service and support dental sleep medicine providers through this challenging situation.”

ProSomnus devices are made from medical grade, low porosity, biocompatible material.

ProSomnus will continue to monitor this situation closely and will maintain communication with dental sleep providers and relevant public health organizations.