Oral appliance maker Vivos Therapeutics has signed a partnership with Pro Player Health Alliance, a provider in the National Football League Players Association’s Professional Athletes Foundation (PAF) sleep apnea research program.

The Vivos System consists of multidisciplinary therapeutic protocols and oral appliances that remodel and enhance the airway. Vivos will participate in the NFLPA’s Professional Athletes Foundation’s health and wellness checkup events that along with a full cardiovascular evaluation also focuses on breathing wellness. Events will take place in NFL team cities and at the 2019 Pro Bowl and Super Bowl.

“Sleep apnea is a serious and growing health epidemic facing America,” says Edward Loew, SVP of capital markets and strategic initiatives at Vivos, in a release. “Our newly formed partnership with Pro Player Health Alliance will allow us to provide highly effective relief to former NFL players, who are a high-risk segment of the population.”

David Gergen, CEO of Pro Player Health Alliance, says, “Pro Player Health Alliance is pleased to showcase the Vivos System to NFL greats and top-notch dentists around the country.”

Through co-sponsored health and wellness checks, Vivos hopes to play a role in this research program and provide a course of treatment for players that is an alternative to CPAP and mandibular advancement, with the goal of providing a more permanent solution to players’ interrupted sleep episodes and promoting overall wellness.

Andre Collins, executive director of NFLPA’s Professional Athletes Foundation, says, “Normal, unobstructed, breathing is essential for life, especially at night. The negative health implications of untreated sleep apnea are numerous and impact millions of Americans. Vivos Therapeutics hopes through their health and wellness checks with the NFLPA’s PAF, they will not only help NFL football players but increase public education on the early warning signs of sleep apnea, and introduce The Vivos System’s non-invasive pain-free solution to a wider audience.”